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Cancer, Dementia, and cardiovascular disease are responsible for almost two million deaths each year in the United States alone and represent the largest immediate threat to humanity. Over the last century, we have made spectacular advances that have transformed our society – splitting the atom, space travel, telecommunications, and the Internet – but medical research has yielded precious few cures. Biomedica Partners is dedicated to accelerating terminal disease cures.

Dr. Paul J. Marangos draws on 45 years of experience in every aspect of the biomedical R&D field, from basic drug discovery research at the NIH, to co-founding five drug companies. He has published 252 research papers and edited four books on drug discovery, is co-inventor on 14 patents, and founded the “The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience.” Most recently Dr. Marangos published a Roadmap for curing Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and Cardiovascular disease.

Biomedica Partners’ first target will be controlling metastasis of various cancers. The targeted suppression of tumor spread, in conjunction with chemotherapy, may prove to be a step toward curing cancer that has yet to be tried. Dr. Priyan D. Weerappuli, an expert in metastasis, will lead this program. Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease will also be targets. The company will utilize academic researchers to commercialize therapeutics for these diseases. Biomedica Partners is continuously looking for researchers to assist in the cause.

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There is much to do to enable medical R&D in the task of curing terminal diseases. The first step is to raise awareness and plot a course. The book has started that. The next step is to get something done and that is to pass the proposed Terminal Disease Act (TDA). I am considering a March on Washington to accomplish this. This would be the first such march that speaks for every citizen and not just a special interest group. I ask anyone concerned about terminal disease to contact us regarding how to assist in this effort.

Paul J Marangos

CEO, Biomedica partner LLC

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